Click & Collect at Pets at Home

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Although we have an Amazon Wishlist for people to kindly purchase food, litter etc. for our cats and kittens, sometimes there's more choice and better value for money by buying elsewhere... (and we will do the collecting directly!).  

This is how a Click and Collect purchase works:

- have a look at the items we need the most (shown in the photos below), but feel free to add anything extra you want to gift.

- go to

- start doing an online purchase of any item/s, and choose "Click & Collect" (there is no minimum limit or delivery fee)

- type and choose "Eastleigh" as the store to collect from.

- make your purchase.

- once your purchase is ready to collect, you will receive a text/email with a unique code number. 

Send us details of your order and code, using the contact facility here, and we can then collect the purchase/s ourselves.

Thank you! :-)

NEW - litter big.jpg

our most used cat litter - We go through lots of this every week!

NEW - litter small.jpg
Felix AGAIL kitten.jpg

Wet kitten food - for the growing fur babies in our care

Whiskas kitten - chick.jpg
NEW - Renal food.jpg

Especially for the oldies, like Carla - to maintain good kidney function

NEW - Renal select food.jpg
sheba fish.jpg

Everyday favourites

Felix AGAIL.jpg
RC gastro bix.jpg

Excellent and liked food    for sensitive tums

sensible (S).jpg
sensible (L).jpg

Webbox 'Tasty Sticks' and 'Lick-e-Lix' are ideal for sneaking any medicine into  (a stress-free and yummy way for some of the cats to take their daily meds)

webbox tasty.jpg
webbox lick e lix chick.jpg
webbox tasty - cod.jpg