Alex & Earle

Hi Chloe and Harrison!


Alex and Earle will be coming to stay with you very soon!


We wanted to tell you a bit about them, so you can be ready to help them feel happy in their new home.

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When they first arrive at your house, Alex and Earle will be a bit confused and scared about being somewhere new and different.

They may want to hide away until they get used to the new smells, sights and sounds around them.

This is normal. 

It is best to just sit on the floor across the room from them, talking to them gently.. or talking with other members of your family in the same room, as you would usually do.  Let them hear you and get used to the new voices.

You can even sit with them while doing other things.. like, reading or playing a game.  Just to get them used to you being around.

Although you will want to look at them a lot, because they are very cute, try not to stare straight into their eyes, as they can find this a bit scary.

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A few hours after they arrive, if they haven't already come out of their basket, you could start playing with some toys which might encourage them to come out and play.  Roll some ball toys on the floor where they can see them.


Don't worry if they don't come out straight away. They may just need more time to get used to their new place.

Alex and Earle both like chasing the red dot from a laser light toy. 


If you shine that on the floor, or a nearby wall, they will run to it… (but be careful not to shine the laser light in their eyes, or the eyes or anyone nearby, as that can cause an injury).


They also both like playing with ball toys, toy mice, and ribbon toys - the ones made especially for cats and kittens.  

They will have some of their favourite toys with them when they arrive.

Earle sleepy.jpg

When playing with Alex and Earle, please remember :


- They are still only little, and they will need rest time after a few minutes of running around chasing balls, ribbons and the laser light toy.  They also need a lot of sleep while they are kittens, so if they just want to sit or lie down and are looking tired, let them nap, and save the playtime until they are a bit more lively.

- Always take any ribbon or string toys with you when you leave Alex and Earle in the room on their own, as kittens can sometimes get tangled up in ribbons or strings and hurt themselves.

- Only use the toys for them to chase or grab - never use just your bare hands or fingers, as they could accidentally scratch or bite you.  They will not understand that they have hurt you, or know why you want to stop playing.   

Alex and Earle like treats.  

They like ‘Lick e Lix’ (yoghurt paste) and Dreamies biscuits.  If you place some in front of where they are sitting, and not too far from you, it encourages them to come out and eat while you are nearby.   You could talk gently to them while they are eating. 

Give them their own separate portions, as Earle likes to have his own food, and prefers not to share with Alex.

Don’t give them too many though (it is the same as you eating too many sweets... it will give tummy aches).

lick e lix.jpg

They both also like chewing on special 'cat grass'. 

They like it so much, that they will have some of this with them when they arrive at yours. 

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Alex and Earle have different personalities

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Alex likes to be stroked once she gets to know you. It may take a few days for her to feel happy enough to allow this.

Once she is happy for you to stroke her, and she feels comfortable around you, she may also not mind being picked up for a cuddle.


Earle likes to be stroked, and he enjoys being picked up for cuddles. 

It may take a little time after he gets used to his new home before he allows this.

Alex and Earle are both very gentle. 


However, In their first days with you, it's possible that they may hiss or even try to swipe at you with their claws if you get too close.  This is just their way of saying “please move away.. I'm a little scared”.

If they do this, just move away slowly, but carry on talking gently to them.

Do not try to pick them up for a cuddle straight away.   It may scare them, and they may accidentally scratch you when they try to get away. 

It is better to take things slowly, and let them get used to you, and learn to trust you.  

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Alex and Earle sometimes play-fight with each other, and you may see them rolling around the floor, biting or kicking each other.  You may hear them make little "squeaking" noises while they are doing this. 


This is just how kittens play together for fun, and you shouldn’t be worried that they are hurting each other. 


Do not try to separate them or yell at them to stop when they are playing like this together.  They are just having fun, and will only be confused if you try to stop them.

If you do feel worried that they are getting carried away, you can just distract them with some toys on the other side of the room, so they will probably go over to play with them. 

Apart from all this, Alex and Earle are just two very sweet kittens who love to play, run around, eat and sleep.. just like all kittens do. 

Alex and Earle are looking forward to having a home of their very own,

and we know you will all have lots of fun together! 

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Best wishes from All Cats Rescue