On this page we will list the cats in our care who are currently available for adoption. 

Our adoption process has been amended, so it is in line with what the government has allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


You can read about our process, and complete our Adoption Application Form, by clicking HERE

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We are based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, and would ideally look to adopt within the local area.

updated on 03.03.21

Oskar and Ellie

Oskar and Ellie are back with us, and available for adoption.

They were returned to us after their new owner suffered an allergic reaction (this was an existing cat fur allergy which was not previously disclosed to us). 

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Oskar and Ellie are approximately 8 years of age.  They originally became homeless last year, after their elderly owner sadly had to move into a care home.

Although they came to us with no known history, we believe they are brother and sister.  They have a strong bond to each other, so we are looking to home them together.

Oskar and Ellie will need time, patience and understanding to help them adjust again to a change in their circumstances.

Oskar (tabby) is the more confident of the two.  Once he gets to know you, he loves being stroked, brushed and even cuddled!

Ellie (white and tabby) is more timid, and prefers to sit back and watch at first. However, you will see her grow in confidence week after week.  

The two are long-haired, so will need to be brushed regularly to avoid any tangles and matts.

We are looking to find them a calm, relaxed home with no children, where they would be the only pets.


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