On this page we will list the cats in our care, once they are ready for adoption. 

Our adoption process has been amended, so it is in line with what the government has allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you are interested in adopting cats shown on this page, please read about our adoption process, and complete our Adoption Application Form, by clicking HERE

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We are based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, and would ideally offer adoption within the local area.

updated on 10.04.21

These three lovelies all came from the same home, and are estimated to be between 2-3 years of age.


We are looking to re-home them together, in a calm home environment with no other pets and no young children.


Rufus is a handsome white and tabby boy. He will approach for strokes, which he loves, and will purr for England. He can be a little hand-shy and a tiny bit wary at times, but is always very sweet and gentle.

He came to us with some skin irritation / over-grooming issues, but this has been brought under control with proper flea treatment (from the vets.. not the shop-bought stuff!) and an improved diet.  

He is a sweet, gentle boy, and just wants to be loved.


Billy is quite timid and skittish, and he sometimes seeks comfort and reassurance from his bolder friend, Rufus. 

He does love being stroked, but it can take a couple of weeks of getting to know you before he feels brave enough to approach.  Like Rufus, he can be hand-shy, but is always sweet and gentle.


When no one is about, he loves to play chase with cat ball toys.


Penny is a complete love bug.  She adores being stroked, and will flop onto the floor and roll over for belly rubs. 

She loves nothing more than a bit of attention and love, and gives this back threefold.  


She will happily sit on your lap and purr, purr, purr contentedly.

Rufus, Billy and Penny

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