Adopting from us

We would ask you to please read the following information before applying to adopt any of our cats.

Only send your application in respect of any cats that are currently shown on this website as available for adoption (ie, please do not use the application form to send in a random request for a cat of a particular breed or age that you hope we might have in the future).

Our adoption requirements:

We cannot offer adoption if:

- your home is on a busy road.

- you have children under 5 living with you.

- you reside in a flat above ground floor.


Any potential adopters must:

- agree to a home-check (currently being undertaken via video call).

- have a cat flap already in place, with access to a garden.

- provide evidence of being able to keep a cat at their home (eg, rental agreement). Please ensure this evidence is obtained before applying.

- agree to return any adopted cat to our care, if they are unable to keep the cat for whatever reason.


Adoption donation 

We ask for a minimum adoption donation fee, which helps us to cover some of what we have already spent out for the cat/kitten (for vets fees, food, litter, etc).  It never covers all that we spend on any particular cat or kitten, but it does assist us to continue to help any cats in need.

Before being placed for adoption, all cats:

- undergo a health check with a vet

- are vaccinated.

- are microchipped (after adoption, we will transfer microchip details into the adopter's name)

- are neutered (young kittens are expected to be neutered once old enough)

- receive flea and worm treatment.

Minimum adoption donation fee:

Cat = £80

Kitten (6 months and under) = £90

We also provide four weeks' of free PetPlan insurance (for cats under 10 years of age).

Adoption process


Our adoption process has been amended, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


We will:

- review all completed application forms received, and contact you if we feel you are a good match (please note that we will call you from a withheld telephone number).    We are unable to spend time chasing for missing information, so please ensure your form is completed fully and accurately.


- arrange a day/time to carry out a home-check (which may be carried out via video call - preferably using Whatsapp, which is a free service).


- arrange a day/time for a video call so you can 'meet' your chosen cat, if the home check goes well.


- ask for any adoption donation fee to be paid (via online bank transfer), and an Adoption Agreement to be signed (via email) before the date of any agreed adoption.


- arrange a day/time when we will bring your cat/s to you.

If you are in agreement with all the above, then please complete the application form below in respect of the cat/s you wish to adopt.

Adoption Application Form

Please read our adoption requirements,

above, before you complete this form.

Which cat/s are you applying for?
Can you comply with our adoption requirements, shown above?

Thank you for your application