(updated 25.06.22) 

Mina absolutely loves human company, and is happiest when she has someone to snuggle up and purr next to.

She must be the only pet in the home. 

Mina is now available for adoption, and looking for her forever home.

She is a sweet, affectionate girl, who would benefit from a quiet environment, and someone who is at home most of the time. 

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Mina - May - with Betty - close.jpg

Click HERE to watch a short video of Mina with one of her favourite catnip toys. 

Mina came to us as a stray in January 2022, after she had been seen weakly eating out of bins in the street.


She was underweight, unkempt and generally unwell. 

She has been estimated to be around 9 years of age.


Our vet diagnosed her with a hyperactive thyroid, and prescribed the necessary medication to treat this.

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Mina - May - sweet.jpg

However, Mina suffered from a rare allergic reaction to the meds, so it was decided that she underwent an operation to remove the affected thyroid gland.


This has worked well for Mina and she is now in perfect health.

Please note that there is a small risk that Mina may in the future experience hyperactive thyroid issues in the remaining thyroid gland.  


However, we are always available for advice and assistance post-adoption, whenever necessary.

Click HERE to read our general Adoption Requirements and to complete our Adoption Application form.

Mina - May - with Betty.jpg