updated 06.08.22 

Lucky standing - July.jpg

Lucky is a long-haired male, estimated to be around 4 years of age.


He is looking for a home with experienced and patient cat lovers, with no young children and no other pets.

It seems that Lucky was previously a domestic cat, but - for unknown reasons - he ended up living rough for some years, finding food and shelter wherever he could.

When he arrived, his fur was quite dirty and unkempt, and he had to be treated for fleas, ticks and worms.


Once here, with access to good food, fresh water and clean bedding, his health and appearance started to improve. 


You can see his transformation in these photos... 

Lucky comparison.jpg
Lucky lounging.jpg

Lucky had been used to being alone for some years, and not having to interact with humans. 


During his time here, after a period of hiding away, during which staff worked on socialising him, he started to trust again. 

Lucky is now really enjoying the attention and affection he was obviously missing.

He enjoys the company of visiting staff and loves being stroked.

Lucky has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped while with us, and is now ready to start a new life in a forever home.  

Lucky on legs.jpg

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